Black & White 5 Day Challenge: Day 5

Truth Revealed
If a smoke screen hides the truth then I supposed inverted smoke perhaps reveals the truth.


Recently I attended a workshop by Andre Gallant and was so inspired by his work. Andre is a Canadian photographer whose works have appeared in numerous photography magazines, has published 5 books and  conducts workshops on occassion. I purchased his book "Inspiration - Creative Photography Projects which I plan on working through this winter. I fully intend to hibernate and avoid the cruel cold and deep snow they are promising Southern Ontario. It is a great book that goes into expressive photography techniques, alternate processes, post-processing and creative exercises. 


That is the end of my Black & White 5 Day Challenge and I learned a lot but also got inspired again to pick up my camera. Sometimes photographing gets stale and finding these little projects helps to get the creative spirit going again. The smoke photography was very relaxing and I really love the look of the inverted one. I will revisit this exercise again I am sure.

A good video on how to set your flash and additional lighting for Smoke Photography
Day 5: Black & White Inversion


The Furry Gnome said...

Wow! Now that's really fascinating!

Judy said...

Inverting the colours sure changes the whole look of the image!!


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