Hanging On To That Last Bit of Fall Colour!


You know your a slightly obsessed dog owner when your supposed to be composing your photo but instead your head can only think "how many ticks and fleas are in that tall grass?" My dogs are nicely trained but I am not going to pretend they were up on that hill all alone just waiting patiently for me to take a picture. The end result just looked better with my husband and leashes cloned out!


So thrilled we are still in a blanket of  fall foliage here. The last few years were not very showy so I'm thrilled this fall is making up for it. We need this long, colourful fall because if the weather report is bang on then we are in for a brutally cold and snowy winter here.


This path is one I have yet to venture down - so still lots to explore here. I just need my weekly hike - my world never seems right without it.


I look at this photo now and have to laugh at how tense I was when I took it. It was a windy day and my patience was wearing thin as I gripped my camera and held my breath trying over and over to click at just that moment the wind settled for only a split second.


It has to be the most popular spots in our region for fall family photos.


A pull back of the same tree and a rare moment to find it empty. Usually you fine a few photographers lined up - some with their battery powered light boxes in tow.


One reason I love hiking here is because it is the best kept park in Durham Region - the Town of Whitby needs to step up because Ajax Conservation and Waterfront trails put ours to shame. Greenwood has the most immaculate trails even in the thick of the woods.  They also have nicely paved trails if easier walking is needed for strollers or wheelchairs.



There is still a small amount of colour left here so we might squeeze in one last fall hike this weekend. My bones tell me winter is just around the corner though.

10/12 Kodee 2014 "Fall Crowns"


I attempted to roll leaves to make a crown for the girls. It did not turn out as planned! Instead I made a nice bouquet of fall roses from the leaves.The iphone photo is on my instagram.
Joining in Kim Klassen's "Friday Finds"
"Friday Finds…..that we stop …. pause…..simply…. cherish life’s simple pleasures……"
This week's Friday Find for me is the simple pleasure I get from hiking - it just balances my world.


Judy said...

Beautiful fall colours, and the cloud formations are fascinating!!! I especially like the milkweed pod with the red leaves in the background!! I have come to like the outer strands of fluff showing the wind a bit when I capture them.

Bonny Bonafilla said...

Your photos are truly stunning. My gosh what wonderful autumn colours you've captured. I SO enjoyed looking at them. I really like the one with your two gorgeous dogs waiting patiently for you to get your shot. It made me chuckle - especially when I heard your husband had been airbrushed out. Our wooded parks here in West London are nowhere near so colourful. All the best for a lovely weekend. Hope you get to go hiking again (and take some more stunning photos), Bonny

CanadianGardenJoy said...

What can I say ?
These pictures are absolutely stunning!
I was looking at your black and white ones as well and they are beautiful.
But I have to say these Autumn ones have totally captured my heart as do these sweet little dogs .. perfection !
Joy : )


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