Autumn Bird Watching

Downy Woodpecker: The smallest woodpecker in North America. Has a white back, black nape and black wings with white spotting. Underparts are white. Face is white with black stripes. Hindcrown patch is red. Tail is black with black-spotted or barred white outer tail feathers. Bill is black and short.
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Participated at: Mellow Yellow Monday

James Bond - Camp X - WWII Spy Training


Is there anyone cooler than Bond ...that's James Bond? Take the 401 Hwy east from Toronto for 30 minutes to Whitby, and you can find street signs relating to the James Bond character, such as Ian Fleming Cres. During WWII there was a secret agent training camp here called 'Camp X'. It was located right on the shore of Lake Ontario where it could be reached discreetly at night by water from the USA. One of the spy trainees was Bond author Ian Fleming, who went on to create the famous James Bond '007' character using knowledge he aquired here.
Participated at: Outdoor Wednesday

Colours of Fall

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz
Vipond Pond, Brooklin Ontario
Participated at: Scenic Sunday, Sunday in the City,


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