Hanging With the Wild Ones

Cheetahs have sharp, keen eyesight searching the grass for prey.

A Cheetah can run 100 meters in 4.59 minutes - that is about 40% faster than the Olympic record.

There are only about 7,000 - 10,000 of these beautiful cats left.

The Toronto Zoo has 3 new, young White Lion cubs. The male is called Fintan, which means “little fair one,”. The two females are called Lemon and Makali, which means “daring.”

White Lions are very rare and none are living in the wild.

The rare genetic marker that makes the White Lion unique has yet to be identified.
We splurged for an Annual Pass to the Toronto Zoo. I love how we now can go on a moments notice and not feel pressured to stay a long time to get our monies worth. The hope is to collect our own photographs of our favorite animals and create our own coffee table book. I am looking forward to seeing the Toronto Zoo in all four seasons as we usually just go in the summer.

Today I am participating at: Outdoor Wednesday, and Camera Critters


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