Bitter Sweet

5/12 Becky "A Splash of Color"

Lilacs are my Mom's favourite spring flower. While I was growing up we had a huge lilac tree outside our second floor den which had a balcony off it. The lilac tree grew up to meet the balcony and while you sat out there each May the fragrance was wonderful. 


This lilac bush is also very special because it started from a clipping from my husband's Grandmother's  garden. We have two growing at our house and when we move I hope I succeed in cultivating another clipping to take with us.


I took these photos for part of my "12 Months For Dogs" May set. The theme was "A Splash of Colour". Purple Lilacs mean first love and when I look back now I find that fitting because the next day my Mom suffered a stroke and she passed away a few days later. I look back on these photos with bitter sweetness. While in the hospital I cut lilacs from this bush and filled her room with their scent. She saw them and smiled.

"How Lucky Am I To Have Someone To Love
Who Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard"
~ Winnie the Pooh


I am so thankful for my family but also my dogs. Kodee and Becky brighten everyday with their funny antics but in rough times they bring such comfort, I do not know how others go through life with out a dog.

I haven't had time to participate in my favourite photography groups, but sure am enjoying scrolling through all the photos at my FlickR 12 Months For Dogs group and the Be Still Class at Kim Klassen's. I think the time has arrived to delve back into the things I am passionate about so hope to pick up my camera again soon.

Kim Klassen dot com

Trails At Dusk


I know, the rest of you are all YEAH SPRING FLOWERS and here I am posting gloomy reminders of winter! I'm so slow about getting my photos off my camera card, I take forever to sort and cull and just call me a turtle at editing! Picky, picky, picky..


Little glimmers of hope popped up along the path as we found signs of spring.


Check out the hashtag #fouriadorefriday on instagram with @kimklassen. My entry for this week.


Winter stillness.


You can just make out the snow falling in the horizon.


I swear, spring blossoms really are on my camera card but first I have to edit my deers, ducks and geese!
Participating in Kim Klassen's Friday Finds

Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers In Her Hair

"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck."

This is how I think of Becky. If she were human (wait, isn't she?!..) there is no doubt in my mind she would be a flower child! She is a very earthy dog, simple likes, no make up, roll up your sleeves sort of girl err dog.

4/12 Becky 2015 "Full of Joy"

I so amuse myself how I have these perfect images of my dogs personalities. I am sure both Kodee and Becky are rolling their eyes and thinking "as if'".

  Edited using Kim Klassen's Breeze and Jessica Drossin's Sublime

Participating in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday

Spring Rises!

Spring Rising!

Textures kk_waterfront and kk_makelight_02

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."

~ Henry Van Dyke, Fisherman's Luck

That was my thought this weekend when we finally had our first true spring weather hike!


We visited the new dog park in town and the dogs seemed just as excited to finally get out to play.


This poor little one though was not very keen on being 'it' as the larger dogs gave chase.


Amazing view all around and since the dog park is part of Herber Downs, great trails and bike paths to explore. I literally just sighed once I got back out on the trails. How I have missed my hikes! Keep your  dogs leashed on the trails though because a coyote was spotted wandering about a few times this winter.


100 Dog Strangers - Australian Shepherd Puppy

#33 Australian Shepherd 15 Week Puppy

Is this 15 week old Australian Shepherd not the cutest! A little young for a dog park perhaps but he/she was having fun!

Play Time!

Till next time!


Textured Tuesday ~ Magic Perspective

3/12 Becky 2015 "Perspective" (1)

Having some fun with a my FlickR dog group themed photos this week and using a few of Kim Klassen's textures too.

  12 Months For Dogs March "Perspective" Definition #1
"A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something"

Clearly Becky has a different perspective today on the joy (or not) of photography! Ha she was in NO mood for me! Look how she is puffing out her cheeks and giving me stink eye as I lay on the floor below her. Such a hard time with this one this month. So glad winter is almost over so I can get back to photography. My house is dark and small and a black dog indoors I am finding very challenging. Attempted this exercise a few times this month and kept hitting delete on the photos.

3/12 Becky 2015 "Perspective" (2)
Kim Klassen's Texture "Magic"
Perspective Definition #2 
"A perspective drawing, to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point."

Stop and Smell the Flowers
Kim Klassen's Texture "Rainy Day"

Clearly not far enough because Becky helped herself to a yellow flower to munch on seconds after I clicked this photo.

Watch Dog
Kim Klassen's Texture "Magic"
My little Watch Dog. From this angle it is hard to believe my protector is all of 16 lbs! She reminds me of an Eagle guarding her nest here.

Joining in the fun at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.
 Using Kim's textures "Magic" and "Rainy Day"

Stillness in Winter


The Good: This winter was much brighter than I expected. The Bad: The temperatures dipped far below what either the dogs or myself could brave on most days. Both Kodee and myself seemed to have a harder time with arthritis this year - not that we are showing our age or anything...


Winter is long though, so at some point life just seemed to stop. With a thud. There comes a point when winter becomes too quiet.


Be Still 52 - Week 6 Props

So no props here for my chosen week 6 photo - but there was a prop buying adventure and this photo screams stillness! Very behind on my lessons, but if I have learned anything in this workshop its  "don't rush, just enjoy the journey".

Feeling much too housebound in this -30 windchill we opted to get out and explore the landscape (may have tugged along a hot thermos of tea. A whole new world opened up; no salted streets, no sounds of snow shovels scraping the sidewalk, no fumes from cars idle and warming up.


We ended up north at the Oshawa Skeet Club where you could hear the guns cracking in the still air.


Just miles of sun, glistening snow, stillness  on top of the hill. Suddenly winter was not dark and drab.


Before I get too carried away in this get back to appreciate nature post, this photo serves as a stark reminder of just how much snow we got!

My Friday Finds
Stillness, beauty, inspiration, warm tea, & MY TOES on a cold, winters day.

Black Moon Visits With Mars & Venus

20150220-048_960-72_NL February 20, 2015 

 Venus and Mars have not been this close to the moon since 2008 and won't be again till 2017. That is what made me venture out for a few seconds in sub -30C weather! I use back button focus on my camera so that meant I had to actually take my warm & fuzzy mitt off for 3 seconds to focus. In that little time my fingers felt the burn of the cold. 3 snaps and I was out of there - not a perfect picture but good enough if one wants to avoid frost bite!

And because I know you have all been missing the girls...

2/12 Becky 2015 "Simply the Best"

The dogs seem to be taking winter in stride though! They are not getting much walking in these cold temperatures but they do have burst of energy rounding the backyard for a bit of fun. Got to love Kodee's yet again determined face wanting to catch Becky. Never is that going to happen! Becky is in such a relaxed loose gait with all 3 in the air. She is a natural athlete full of spunk.






Bitter Snow Rose

Be Still 52 Week 5 Look For the Light

Just remember, during the winter,
far beneath the bitter snow,
that there's a seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes a rose.
Leanne Rhimes

Participating in: Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday

Be Still 52 Week 5 "Find the Light"
It takes a brave person to play around with light, outside in -20C with a windchill to 30! I set this rose just on the edge of shade with the sun behind me and shot all around. This was my pick.

M4H P52 Week 6 "Happy"

My husband walked in the house after work with a bouquet of roses and said 'there were lots in the store and I thought you'd like to photograph them". Surprise, for no reason gifts are the best.


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