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Be Still
Slow Down
See Beyond


Jack Frost is nipping at more than my window panes this winter!
On the plus side hibernating allows me to slow down and focus on the little details.

If you have read my blog for a while, you know getting a macro lens was top of my list. Thank you Santa! I am really going to enjoy this lens but there is so much to learn. It is really making me have to slow down and that is what I love about photography - how I can just get lost behind the lens for a little while. Macro is also giving me another gift, one heck of a neck ache so I am  working on setting up spot just for macro. Well or so that is my excuse to do some more decorating in the Craft/Sew Room.


So thrilled to have my frost photo represented in the M4H Project 52  "Eye Candy" collection for 3/52 Light. Think about joining us next week for 4/52 "A Part of Me".

Cat With An Attitude


Cats... not a big fan here! 

Going through all my photos I never had a chance to edit in 2014. I stumbled across this little fellow at the barns. He never really leaves your side. I swear cats know I am not a fan so they stick that much closer to me. I think this cat was giving grumpy cat a run for his money!


Standing on a desolate road, on top of a hill wishing on the stars last September. I remember it was eerily peaceful that night.

Hello 2015


 New Year so new photography projects on board!
Do you like to participate in photography projects whether in a group or on your own? Photography is not just my hobby, it often is my therapist! When I am stressed I really enjoy just getting lost behind my lens. I see the world so different when I am composing a shot because I have to slow down and think about my frame, lighting and mood I want to create.

Here are the projects I am taking on for 2015. 

1. 12 Month For Dogs 2015: Having completed Kodee's 12 photos in 2014, this year Becky will be my super model. She will be a bit more of a challenge due to low light in the house and a black dog! I always find a dark dog harder to make the subject standout, so it will be a good learning curve for me.

2015 ~ All About Me
2. Be Still 52. I will be joining Kim Klassen's group where we will be shooting still life with the intention of also creating calming and reflective photographs. I do not do a lot - ok maybe next to no still life photography but change is good, right?! Plus Santa brought me a macro 100mm lens so be prepared to see lots of macro flowers, miniature toys and I am pretty sure no bugs this year!

3. M4H Project 52. My Four Hens Photography is running a Facebook and FlickR group with weekly themes. It is an easy going group with no expectations to post every week whether you are a hobbyist, professional or beginner you are welcome to join in.Every Sunday a new theme is posted and for 1/52 it is "Fresh".

4. The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Seeing the World With Fresh Eyes. Based on the book, the concept is best described as Zen  Photography. "The practice of contemplative photography connects us with this nonconceptual awareness and strengthens that connection through training. This project I know will take longer than a year. There are five catagories; Colour, Texture, Simplicity, Light and Space. I hope to produce at least 5 in each catagory.

I know - Big projects! In the end I am not really concerned with finishing any of them though. I already know I won't. For me it is just the journey to grow, create and enjoy.


The amazing view of the CN Tower that I never tire of, off my Mom's balcony.

Double Present Month!

12/12 "Kodee" Holiday Festive 

 I love this saying and think it will be my motto for 2015! 

Poor Kodee doesn't have much say in the fact I so often make her look silly! December is her birthday month and this year she turned 8 yrs old! Don't tell Kodee she is a senior though - she is still a very active and spunky girl!


 Last year I joined in a group on Flickr where we had to choose one dog to photograph each month for the year. 2014 was all about Kodee. I loved having to push myself each month to follow the monthly themes and think of new creative compositions. It was loads of fun getting to know other dog centric photographers and their dogs! These are a few of my shots for the theme "Festive Holidays".


 For 2015 my focus will switch to Becky! That will be a challenge because she is a bit harder to photograph some days with her all black coat.

Winter Sunsets


Just a quick share of our sunset walk along the waterfront last weekend. I love walking down by the lake year round. We stumbled across this amazing back lighting on the tall grass which I guarantee you was even more breathtaking in person.


The lonely birch tree. 


Toronto's famous CN Tower is about 58 km from where I was standing so just a small outline can be made out.

Monday Morning Movement!

"Christmas Garland


"The Snow Storm"
A slow winter's night with too much time on my hands! A bit of abstract "Intentional Camera Movement" fun with my Christmas tree. I will get around to showing you this year's tree soon but in the meantime here is one of my all time favourite Christmas photos of Kodee and Becky.

Photo A Day Advent Calendar: Day 8

Dear Santa Paws


 Dear Santa Paws, 

 I have been so
good this year.
Please may I have lots of treats?
Can you take Kodee?

Hugs & Licks Becky
Edited using kk_littlethings

Farewell Autumn


Ah what a magnificent fall we have had this year. Not thrilled though this week brought on a sudden drop in temperature plus that horrid white fluff descending from above. I quickly made a "Winter Keep Sane List". It is a collection of indoor creative projects to tackle on those "do not venture into the blizzard days". Looking forward to working on stills & macro, a few ideas involving the pups in studio shots and trying my hand at keeping a watercolor journal.


So for our last fall hooray hike, we headed out to Purplewoods Conservation which is a very popular sugar bush - you can spot the blue syrup tubing along the side of the trail.


 After a long decline on our path we came to the Sugar Shack. Here we spotted a notice tacked to the wall. 

Black Bear Sighted at Purple Woods Conservation Area - July 13, 2014 at 4:00pm. A visitor to the conservation area reported seeing a black bear down by the Sugar Shack on the above date. For your own personal safety, and for the well being of bears, it is important to learn about bears and their behaviour. Bears usually avoid humans. Generally, you won't see a bear even if one is close by.

Look left - look right...just a tad nervous after reading that! Being the brave [not] soul I am we ventured on.


I love the woods after a rainfall - so vibrant with green and gold.


At the end of the trail we found ourselves on the roadside by an old train track.


And then we saw the most magnificent view! The clouds were like a giant softbox creating this golden glow over the fields. 


A car pulled up beside us and said "gorgeous view isn't it! Just so you know the property owners do not take kindly to having it photographed though". Oh ok thanks I said. As she drove off I thought; public road, public view... well worth savouring the moment. So I snapped. After editing these I think I am happy I'm a bit of a rebel.
Fact 26 About Me
[Part of the "30 Things About Me" Series]

The Urban Dictionary says a "rebel is a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. A true rebel stands up for what they believe is right, not against what's right." Yeah that's a bit like me.


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