Stillness in Winter


The Good: This winter was much brighter than I expected. The Bad: The temperatures dipped far below what either the dogs or myself could brave on most days. Both Kodee and myself seemed to have a harder time with arthritis this year - not that we are showing our age or anything...


Winter is long though, so at some point life just seemed to stop. With a thud. There comes a point when winter becomes too quiet.


Be Still 52 - Week 6 Props

So no props here for my chosen week 6 photo - but there was a prop buying adventure and this photo screams stillness! Very behind on my lessons, but if I have learned anything in this workshop its  "don't rush, just enjoy the journey".

Feeling much too housebound in this -30 windchill we opted to get out and explore the landscape (may have tugged along a hot thermos of tea. A whole new world opened up; no salted streets, no sounds of snow shovels scraping the sidewalk, no fumes from cars idle and warming up.


We ended up north at the Oshawa Skeet Club where you could hear the guns cracking in the still air.


Just miles of sun, glistening snow, stillness  on top of the hill. Suddenly winter was not dark and drab.


Before I get too carried away in this get back to appreciate nature post, this photo serves as a stark reminder of just how much snow we got!

My Friday Finds
Stillness, beauty, inspiration, warm tea, & MY TOES on a cold, winters day.

Black Moon Visits With Mars & Venus

20150220-048_960-72_NL February 20, 2015 

 Venus and Mars have not been this close to the moon since 2008 and won't be again till 2017. That is what made me venture out for a few seconds in sub -30C weather! I use back button focus on my camera so that meant I had to actually take my warm & fuzzy mitt off for 3 seconds to focus. In that little time my fingers felt the burn of the cold. 3 snaps and I was out of there - not a perfect picture but good enough if one wants to avoid frost bite!

And because I know you have all been missing the girls...

2/12 Becky 2015 "Simply the Best"

The dogs seem to be taking winter in stride though! They are not getting much walking in these cold temperatures but they do have burst of energy rounding the backyard for a bit of fun. Got to love Kodee's yet again determined face wanting to catch Becky. Never is that going to happen! Becky is in such a relaxed loose gait with all 3 in the air. She is a natural athlete full of spunk.






Bitter Snow Rose

Be Still 52 Week 5 Look For the Light

Just remember, during the winter,
far beneath the bitter snow,
that there's a seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes a rose.
Leanne Rhimes

Participating in: Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday

Be Still 52 Week 5 "Find the Light"
It takes a brave person to play around with light, outside in -20C with a windchill to 30! I set this rose just on the edge of shade with the sun behind me and shot all around. This was my pick.

M4H P52 Week 6 "Happy"

My husband walked in the house after work with a bouquet of roses and said 'there were lots in the store and I thought you'd like to photograph them". Surprise, for no reason gifts are the best.

Tiny Details

It's the Little Finds

Gerbera Daisies seem to always smile! They are the world's 5th most popular flower, so I guess I am not alone loving their cheerful faces. 

Gerbera Petals

Still counting down the days when I can go outside. I want to try macro in the sunlight to also get a background of colourful bokeh.


I have a favourite macro photographer that really inspires me, Alex Greenshpun. She is responsible for Canon making more money off of me!


I know she has the same camera body and lens that I do. Here folks is the proof of the saying "it is not about the gear" because I can only dream to create as much magic one day.
{Texture from Kim Klassen kk_waterfront}

Be Still 52 Wk 4 "Take Action'

Now I also have to blame Kim Klassen and my fellow Be Still 52 participants for our chat on "gathering" backgrounds and props for our creations.
{Texture from Kim Klassen kk_waterfront}

All About the Details

Clearly fresh cut flowers are quickly becoming a grocery shop staple in my household!


If you're Canadian you probably know Target is leaving Canada. So sad, because it was a great place for photography items. I took advantage advantage of the closing sales and picked up some items at discounted prices - how about $1 for this metal bucket, some string and cheese cloth, a few place mats and new coffee cups all at a steal.

Fairy Dust

Flowers always make people better...
They are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
~ Luther Burbank 
Participating in Macro Monday
Textured Tuesday - Be Still 52 Week 4

Taking Flight




Dispite the cold, Whitby Harbour was cheerfully bright and filled with active birds this past weekend. I loved watching this Pintail duck. They are such characters as they dive and splash about. They are fast though so a bit of a challenge to catch bottoms up!



The Trumpeter Swans although popular now at the marshes in Whitby, a few years ago they were becoming a bit rare. Through conservation efforts there numbers are back up. 




The ever popular but oh so common mallard is always lining the water edge along Lake Ontario. In the sun, the hens and drakes were quite showy with the sun spotlighting them.



Longtailed Duck.


The Golden-Eye Duck



I know - it doesn't get much more common than Canadian Geese and Seagulls, but I like their reflections in the water.

Let Your Spirit Take Flight

Participating in Wildbird Wednesday

A Part of Me

Calling Spring... a girl can wish.

M4H P52 Week 4 "A Part of Me" 

STORY TIME! Learning photography is all due to this girl right here. When Kodee was about a year she started to have a problem with her patella. It was a combination of reasons, but the prime problem I suspect was an early spay at 5 mths before growth plates had closed. Combine that with over zealous new puppy owners really excited to have an active dog that loved playing fetch. Then it happened she jumped up to catch a high ball and when landed screamed. 

A few more times over the next few months her patella popped out. She was low grade, young and surgery was not really being recommended at this time. So I set out to correct it with conditioning. We pulled back walking on cement to 10 min a day and did another 10 min on soft grass areas. Slowly we built this up over 2 mths to a full 1 hour walk in the neighbourhood. Then we slowly added in small hills to build rear end muscle. Finally we started to take her on hikes for 1.5 hr with some hill work. My vet was shocked how fit and muscular she was. We also started and kept her on a good joint supplement. That was 8.5 yrs ago and she has never had a problem since.

So what does this have to do with photography? I was not much of an outdoor hiking person before Kodee. My husband and I developed a passion of exploring different conservation parks and day trips to new towns. Eventually we added cameras to the mix and it just kept going from there. So I have to thank Kodee for letting me discover the joys of hiking and photography - I already knew the wonders owning a dog brings to my life, so these were extra gifts from her that will always be a part of me. {ahhhhh... }

It's the Little Things

A Girl Can Dream It's Spring If Wants To!

Still playing indoors with flowers to try and pretend spring is here! This is my first attempt reversing my 50mm 1.4 lens and free-holding. Dreamy but not so sharp. I like it anyways.

Join the weekly themed fun at My Four Hens Project 52 Weeks.

Be Still 52 - Room to Breathe

Step Back and Breathe

How does this photo make you feel? It is my favourite of my day. I really love how the bright colours instantly cheer me up but more than that, I love how it is surrounded by an airy light feeling.


My style is usually a more get in your face sort of photographer - I like to get close to my subjects.


We are talking about in my Be Still 52 class about moving back both in your photo and in your day - give yourself a little bit of space to breathe. Such a simple thing we forget to do.


Feeling a bit daring, I took another step back - brave I know! Well I'll be, I think I am starting to appreciate how this white space thing brings a bit more calm to my photos.


You know it is not just about the photos though.Get outside and BREATHE everyone!


Also participating in Today's Flowers

Be Still 52 Beginnings


Be Still
Slow Down
See Beyond


Jack Frost is nipping at more than my window panes this winter!
On the plus side hibernating allows me to slow down and focus on the little details.

If you have read my blog for a while, you know getting a macro lens was top of my list. Thank you Santa! I am really going to enjoy this lens but there is so much to learn. It is really making me have to slow down and that is what I love about photography - how I can just get lost behind the lens for a little while. Macro is also giving me another gift, one heck of a neck ache so I am  working on setting up spot just for macro. Well or so that is my excuse to do some more decorating in the Craft/Sew Room.


Yeah! So thrilled to have my frost photo represented in the M4H Project 52  "Eye Candy" collection for 3/52 Light.
Think about joining us next week for 4/52 "A Part of Me".


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