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A great day visiting our Cavalier friends! I left Kodee and Becky at home as I was supposed to be sewing Cooling and Drying Coats for the dogs. Many of my friends are fellow Cavalier owners, so it wasn't long before I ventured to the yard for a bit of playtime, photography fun and a moment to steal a few nose kisses!


Audrey is such an athletic girl! She can turn on a dime in a split second to revel Zoey for the ball first.
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Cavaliers are prone to easy weight gain and overweight dogs are not enjoying life. Zoey is a good friend's dog still staying trim and fit at 5.5!


As with all Spaniels, Cavaliers have a natural instinct to hunt. I wish the Robin luck Audrey is stalking!
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A Very Special Genius

No one listens to me more carefully than my dogs. Most of the time I think of that as a very special bond. Then again.. hopefully there is a person or two that find my thoughts as interesting as my dogs! 

Becky has been tweaking her listening skills as we work on Rally Obedience together. It is a great  sport where owner and dog must work in unison to skillfully perform obedience exercises in a sequence. Becky intently listens to me and she also takes cues from the most subtle of body movements. Her expression says it all, she loves to please me and wags with her whole body from course start to finish. I can't help it, when she endearingly looks at me with her big, brown eyes she sometimes gets rewarded a little too often.
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2012's Super Moon Lacked Sizzle!

Super Moon 2012
We attended our first Rally Obedience Match with Becky earlier in the day. By the time we got home we only had a few minutes to grab the camera equipment and head to the park. It was a hazy, brisk night so we had to hurry as the moon was already setting in the horizon.

Tree Silhouette 
The tree branches provided an interesting perspective - very Halloween-ish I think!

Golden Sky
I like this picture and the allure of warmth from the golden light cast from the moon onto the playground. I much preferred photographing down at the lake for 2011's Super Moon and hope next time can head back to the water. Now I am off to find those WOW Super Moon photos by the Pros!
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It's A Gift. Really.

Really all dog breeds succeed as the best companions!
Kodee would rather hear the clicker in rally training than the camera click today.

Pft! Click a camera, clicker training - as long as a treat follows I'm there folks!

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