Buskerfest Toronto 2011

Street Art at its finest; Busterfest Toronto, took place August 25 & 26

Like a child at their first circus show, I stood mouth gabbing at all the wonders.
There's more...

The Space Cowboy ~ An Australian Dare Devil

Dazzling audiences in over 30 countries with up to 20,000 onlookers. 

No party is complete without "The King". 
I just don't want to think how long it took to put this makeup on. I'm getting itchy just thinking of it! The Silver Elvis robotic statue, is the creation of Peter Jarvis a Toronto performance artist.

The streets were crawling with creepy Jesters

The eloquent and flexible Australia contortionist "Bendy Em"

There was also the sweet, strum of violins

The sidewalks never looked better, graced with the talents of the chalk-master's works.

Front Street never smelled better either!

And would any event I attend ever be complete without me scoping out the pooches!

It may be over, but I am already dreaming about next year!

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