Black & White Sunday: The Still of Winter


If Becky were human I imagine her as a poet or philosopher - she always appears to be deep in thought. With such a cold winter, the dogs have been a little more laid back just like me. I often look over and they appear to be daydreaming - probably of greener and warmer days too!

In B&W I always think the mood of a photograph can shine through more. Being an almost all black dog, in colour she can get lost in the background of a photo. 


As part of my The Visual Toolbox: 50 Lessons For Stronger Photographs study group, week 7 is all about "wide angle lens inclusion". Sometimes when you shoot with a wide lens you feel a vastness. This week we were to use a wide angle lens but make the viewer feel like they were included - like they were right there with you.


Both Becky and this landscape were shot with the 10-22mm. In this photo I up to my thighs in snow, crouched very low to the  ground and just a foot away from the rabbit feet.Hopefully you get the feeling of being there right with me.Looking at this photo I also realize it will be some time before we walk on grass again. Let the slow melt begin!
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Still Embracing Winter?


Lynde Shores Conservation Park is a favourite hiking spot, but this trip marked my first winter adventure on the trails. 


I get birds are designed to swim in even the coldest of weather, but still I got shivers watching the American Black Ducks and Canada Geese dive in the water.


 All this winter wonderland almost makes up for the shoveling - almost.


The trails this year are probably the prettiest winter scenery I have seen in our region.


My daughter who smugly insists on packing a coffee even for a hike!



The birds and small animals are very tame and easily feed out of your hand.


With the sun beginning to set we thought it might be a good time to get out of the thick of the woods!



What a stunning grand finale for our hike to see the sunset over the marsh.

Abstract Photography


Random 5 Friday - Thoughts on Creativity

1. So I'm stepping out of of my comfort zone this week and trying to be a bit more creative. Week 6 for my photography group studying "The Visual Toolbox", we spent time experimenting with "Intentional Camera Movement" and getting creative. It was actually harder than I thought it would be but a lot of fun. The smaller images show what I was taking a photo of.






2. Like many I like to listen to Brooke Shaden because she is a very passionate-giving artist who loves to inspire others. Brooke talks about "Why you need to take risks to make your dreams come true." She goes on to explain "What we need in this world is people willing to be unique." It goes beyond that though - well worth taking the time to watch.

3. Dizzy yet? I love going back and looking over old photos to rethink how I can improve them. This photo was taken just when I got my first DLSR and was my first attempt at radial zoom. I tweaked it a bit with colour boost and a bit if sharpening. A great resource on techniques to create zoom bursts.


4. A few local photographers got together at a local park after sunset. We brought along flashlights and glow sticks to experiment with light painting. I opted to not volunteer to sit on this piece of the playground equipment and frantically twirl about while holding a flashlight. Not the most wonderful photo but this night rates high on the scale of fun things to try!


5. Have I inspired you to branch out and try a new techniques? Take a look at these 100 Creative Photography Lessons for some more ideas.

Secret Life of Plants


See the Light: Diffused


How brave am I? White couch - black dog! Truth is, the couch was here long before Becky and because I am such a pushover and she insists on sleeping here, I gave way to her charms. Sleeping is not the only thing she does here. My little angel also likes to use this couch to perch on the arm and let the world know this is her house and she is going to fiercely guard it from the evils that dare to pass by her window. Thankfully those moments of bravery are rare.

This photo is part of a monthly project I am doing with a few photographers called "See the Light". For the month of February we are studying diffused light - soft scattered light.

I took this photo of Becky while she was doing what she loves best, napping. To help diffuse the sunlight coming in the window, I drew the lace curtains. I have learned diffused light works better on fur and especially well on black dogs.

I hear winter is going to be around another 6 weeks - thanks Mr. Ground Hog. Although all this snow has been a spectacular show, I was wishing our winter wonderland would say it's farewell early.
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Barren Snow Fields




Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow. 

~ Langston Hughes

There we were driving along at 80km. Oh! Can we stop I asked my husband - look at the white outs across the fields. No, he proclaimed. So I did what any photography obsessed person would do - rolled down the window and took my best shot. 

I loved how the sun was peaking through the snow clouds and the wind was white washing the ground with a veil of snow. 

I like the dreamy feel they have - like waking up after a hazy dream. I must admit I'd like to wake up and find out winter was just a dream so it can just be over.

I used Kim Klassen's  kk_violet and Jessica Drossin's  Dounpour on the first photo.
The second was done with Kim's kk_0312 and Jessica's SGU.


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