Meet Sam ~ An Unusual Chausie Cat

Sam lives next door and is a hybrid cat; a mixture of Jungle Cat x Abyssinian (Domestic Cat) called a Chausie. He is a bit skittish, very curious and is a high energy soul that rarely sleeps I'm told.

2012-08 Sammie He belongs to my neighbour and has a fascination and no fear of my dogs. If Sam is outside he is often peering through the fence watching them. Kodee and Becky will go over to say Hello and he stands firm.

With people though, Sam is not as trusting, so a slow hand is needed to gain his friendship.

But it can be done!

Fact 19 About Me
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I'm definitely not a cat person. However, I am intrigued by them and love to watch them move. There is just something about how a cat is a bit aloof that doesn't grab me enough to want to own one, but I admit, I admire them from a far.
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Autumn Treasures

Who doesn't love fall with it's spectacular splashes of brilliant reds, glowing orange, and shining yellows.

Fall harvests of apples, squash, zucchini, pumpkins and cabbage.

Cooler weather demanding cozy sweaters, sweet teas, and warming fires.

Thanksgiving bringing family back into the fold.

Reflecting on things past and those to come.

Wind blowing through leaves. Seeking warms socks, crackling fires, and comforting stews.

However, I could pass on Autumn's winds summoning winter to our door.

Fact 18 About Me
[Part of the "30 Things About Me" Series]

Fall! LOVE it. My all time absolutely, favourite season!
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