Stillness in Winter


The Good: This winter was much brighter than I expected. The Bad: The temperatures dipped far below what either the dogs or myself could brave on most days. Both Kodee and myself seemed to have a harder time with arthritis this year - not that we are showing our age or anything...


Winter is long though, so at some point life just seemed to stop. With a thud. There comes a point when winter becomes too quiet.


Be Still 52 - Week 6 Props

So no props here for my chosen week 6 photo - but there was a prop buying adventure and this photo screams stillness! Very behind on my lessons, but if I have learned anything in this workshop its  "don't rush, just enjoy the journey".

Feeling much too housebound in this -30 windchill we opted to get out and explore the landscape (may have tugged along a hot thermos of tea. A whole new world opened up; no salted streets, no sounds of snow shovels scraping the sidewalk, no fumes from cars idle and warming up.


We ended up north at the Oshawa Skeet Club where you could hear the guns cracking in the still air.


Just miles of sun, glistening snow, stillness  on top of the hill. Suddenly winter was not dark and drab.


Before I get too carried away in this get back to appreciate nature post, this photo serves as a stark reminder of just how much snow we got!

My Friday Finds
Stillness, beauty, inspiration, warm tea, & MY TOES on a cold, winters day.


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