Moulin Rouge Halloween


 Happy Halloween! May your night be filled with more treats than tricks!

Storm clouds may gather and stars may colloid but I will love you till the end of time. ~ Moulin Rouge


 The greatest thing you will ever learn Is to love and be loved. ~ Moulin Rouge


 Actually these are really Mad Hatter hats but Becky and Kodee's eyes were giving off more of a Moulin Rouge feel to me. I can tell you one thing, the dogs are not as amused as I am this evening! 

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Four Seasons One Location ~ Fall


Easy seasons

Spring's all buttercups
and breezy.

Summer's hot and

Autumn's bright with
colored trees-y.

Winter's snowy,
sniffly, sneezy.

Alan Benjamin


Autumn Wonders


You can't hide your true colours as you approach the autumn of your life. ~ Anonymous 

I turn over a new leaf every day. But the blots show through. ~ Keith Waterhouse

As the bloom's colours die down - autumns splash is just beginning. Still sorting through my photos from our trip to Alogonquin Park. Love these single leaf reflections. The lake was so peaceful and cheerful with the colourful reflections. Winter though is approaching much too fast! They say in Southern Ontario it will be a brutal one... Betting on the weather man being wrong again on that one!

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Algonquin Park Adventures


Algonquin Park ~ Tea Lake

Fall! My absolute favourite season followed closely by spring! Call me crazy but I rate summer right up there with winter. We kept watching Friends of Algonquin Fall Peak Colour Report for the perfect day to visit the park for the showiest leaves. We arrived at the Park at it's peak colour for 2014.


Oxtongue River ~ Ragged Falls

I had better love this photo because I  crawled through some little string webs that had tiny worms hanging off the tree to capture this slow shutter shot. I like how the orange leaf colour is reflected very subtly in the waves.


Oxtongue Lake ~ Algonquin Outfitters

The word breathtaking was meant for this view. The most amazing colour, light and reflections I have ever been lucky enough to view.


Lake of Two Rivers

Just as we were calling it a day and heading back to Huntsville we spotted off the highway a thick fog along the shoreline.


Lake of Two Rivers is the oldest and best known campground at Algonquin. A little bit of mystic moon :) to end our day.


Hidden Valley Resort

Tired, cold and hungry we headed back to Huntsville to arrive at the Holiday Inn where we had a pre-paid room. Not too happy to find out they overbooked and we were room-less. They arranged for us to stay at the  Hidden Valley Resort. We drove back out of town and then down a twisted and dark road with not a clue what sort of place we would end up. Turned out to be the best mess up! When we threw open the curtains this is the spectacular view off our balcony! Great dining room, outdoor pool to side of lake, indoor pool and pet friendly.


Hardwood Look Out

I heard Algonquin is the best spot to be for fall colour viewing - but THIS, exceeds any expectations I had. By day two I conceded I was getting old and broke down and bought a walking stick. Love it and not sure what took me so long to loose my pride and get it. It folds up small and fits right in my photography bag. It's hot pink of course ;)

There will be a part II  to this post because I have loads more to share, so watch for it.


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National Black Dog Day


Meet Becky's first set of nephews,Calvin, Loki and Bucky!

In honour of "National Black Dog Day" I'm flooding you with these cute black and tan Cavaliers. Becky is a proud Auntie to every single cutie pictured here.


Statistics show black dogs are the least wanted dogs. It is thought because they are hard to photograph they do not stand out as much as the other dogs.


They are a challenge to photograph but with a few tricks not too hard. I tend to stay away from midday sun and opt for a slightly overcast day or a bit closer to the golden hour. When editing I opt to warm up my temperature and if the black has a blue tinge to it I sometimes reduce the blue tint slider. 


 We recently got together with a few.. OK MANY family members of Becky's. I was asked to help out with a few photo booth type shots for the "Embee Fam Jam" day.

Calvin wearing the smart tropical hat, flew all the way up from Utah to visit! I actually first met his owner through our blogs before she got him. That is the fun of writing and sharing our photos - sometimes great friendships are built!


Anyone who visits my blog more than once knows that my dogs are my main subject matter. They are are reason I took up photography as a hobby and also the reason I developed a love of hiking. (Algonquin Park fall photos coming up soon!). I stalk a few pet photographers for inspiration. Here is a great article on how to photograph a black dog from Brighton Dog Photography.


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