Super Moon Magic

So tonight's lesson was... if you opt to go to the lake, after dark, when the grass is wet from rain and the temperature is soaring... do be brilliant enough to pack the BUG SPRAY!

This was taken just as the sun was setting and the moon was rising out of the lake. I used my new *PINK* MeFOTO Tripod. Don't be fooled by the "Red" in the description - I assure you, it's hot pink! I love it because it also doubles up as a Monopod and is super light.

The ice cream on the way back home helped to sooth my bug bitten body. About 2 hours later, the clouds cleared so I took one more shot in the driveway. NO bugs there! This is when a hot pink tripod comes in handy - you can see it in the dark! 

Not looking too big here! Thank goodness technology has brought us the zoom lens!

Polo For Heart 2013

Once again this year we took in the Polo for Heart hosted at the Toronto Polo Club. - June 14-16, 2013

Those lucky enough to have a "Power of the Blue" aka Bank of Montreal card to flash, got VIP  parking - that meant they got to walk less than I did.

So much rain in the Toronto area during the month of June! The wet fields were a disappointment on Friday.
2013 marks the 34th year of games and this years proceeds are going towards The Heart & Stroke Foundations Stroke Recovery Centre as well as contributing towards a new MRI machine for Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket.

Sadly the weeks heavy rain meant, the players needed to slow down and also use an indoor ball.

20130614-224_web_960_btdd Wet and  slipper lawns do not make conditions very friendly for galloping horses.


Naturally my eye got a little distracted by the dogs in attendance!


The very few that attended were perfectly behaved. I opted to leave Kodee and Becky at home because I'm pretty sure they would have made spectacles out of themselves barking at the polo horses. At the very least, Becky would think for sure the ball was her's!

International Polo Players traveled far and wide from Argentina, United States, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Canada.

My pick for my Weekly Top Shot!
Adding to my
The Canine version of  "100 Strangers".
A photographic record of all the wonderful dogs I meet in my travels. 
Began in 2012 and ending... TBD.

Participating in: Sunday In My City, Camera Critters and 100 Dog Strangers .


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