A Part of Me

Calling Spring... a girl can wish.

M4H P52 Week 4 "A Part of Me" 

STORY TIME! Learning photography is all due to this girl right here. When Kodee was about a year she started to have a problem with her patella. It was a combination of reasons, but the prime problem I suspect was an early spay at 5 mths before growth plates had closed. Combine that with over zealous new puppy owners really excited to have an active dog that loved playing fetch. Then it happened she jumped up to catch a high ball and when landed screamed. 

A few more times over the next few months her patella popped out. She was low grade, young and surgery was not really being recommended at this time. So I set out to correct it with conditioning. We pulled back walking on cement to 10 min a day and did another 10 min on soft grass areas. Slowly we built this up over 2 mths to a full 1 hour walk in the neighbourhood. Then we slowly added in small hills to build rear end muscle. Finally we started to take her on hikes for 1.5 hr with some hill work. My vet was shocked how fit and muscular she was. We also started and kept her on a good joint supplement. That was 8.5 yrs ago and she has never had a problem since.

So what does this have to do with photography? I was not much of an outdoor hiking person before Kodee. My husband and I developed a passion of exploring different conservation parks and day trips to new towns. Eventually we added cameras to the mix and it just kept going from there. So I have to thank Kodee for letting me discover the joys of hiking and photography - I already knew the wonders owning a dog brings to my life, so these were extra gifts from her that will always be a part of me. {ahhhhh... }

It's the Little Things

A Girl Can Dream It's Spring If Wants To!

Still playing indoors with flowers to try and pretend spring is here! This is my first attempt reversing my 50mm 1.4 lens and free-holding. Dreamy but not so sharp. I like it anyways.

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Be Still 52 - Room to Breathe

Step Back and Breathe

How does this photo make you feel? It is my favourite of my day. I really love how the bright colours instantly cheer me up but more than that, I love how it is surrounded by an airy light feeling.


My style is usually a more get in your face sort of photographer - I like to get close to my subjects.


We are talking about in my Be Still 52 class about moving back both in your photo and in your day - give yourself a little bit of space to breathe. Such a simple thing we forget to do.


Feeling a bit daring, I took another step back - brave I know! Well I'll be, I think I am starting to appreciate how this white space thing brings a bit more calm to my photos.


You know it is not just about the photos though.Get outside and BREATHE everyone!


Also participating in Today's Flowers

Be Still 52 Beginnings


Be Still
Slow Down
See Beyond


Jack Frost is nipping at more than my window panes this winter!
On the plus side hibernating allows me to slow down and focus on the little details.

If you have read my blog for a while, you know getting a macro lens was top of my list. Thank you Santa! I am really going to enjoy this lens but there is so much to learn. It is really making me have to slow down and that is what I love about photography - how I can just get lost behind the lens for a little while. Macro is also giving me another gift, one heck of a neck ache so I am  working on setting up spot just for macro. Well or so that is my excuse to do some more decorating in the Craft/Sew Room.


Yeah! So thrilled to have my frost photo represented in the M4H Project 52  "Eye Candy" collection for 3/52 Light.
Think about joining us next week for 4/52 "A Part of Me".

Cat With An Attitude


Cats... not a big fan here! 

Going through all my photos I never had a chance to edit in 2014. I stumbled across this little fellow at the barns. He never really leaves your side. I swear cats know I am not a fan so they stick that much closer to me. I think this cat was giving grumpy cat a run for his money!


Standing on a desolate road, on top of a hill wishing on the stars last September. I remember it was eerily peaceful that night.

Hello 2015


 New Year so new photography projects on board!
Do you like to participate in photography projects whether in a group or on your own? Photography is not just my hobby, it often is my therapist! When I am stressed I really enjoy just getting lost behind my lens. I see the world so different when I am composing a shot because I have to slow down and think about my frame, lighting and mood I want to create.

Here are the projects I am taking on for 2015. 

1. 12 Month For Dogs 2015: Having completed Kodee's 12 photos in 2014, this year Becky will be my super model. She will be a bit more of a challenge due to low light in the house and a black dog! I always find a dark dog harder to make the subject standout, so it will be a good learning curve for me.

2015 ~ All About Me
2. Be Still 52. I will be joining Kim Klassen's group where we will be shooting still life with the intention of also creating calming and reflective photographs. I do not do a lot - ok maybe next to no still life photography but change is good, right?! Plus Santa brought me a macro 100mm lens so be prepared to see lots of macro flowers, miniature toys and I am pretty sure no bugs this year!

3. M4H Project 52. My Four Hens Photography is running a Facebook and FlickR group with weekly themes. It is an easy going group with no expectations to post every week whether you are a hobbyist, professional or beginner you are welcome to join in.Every Sunday a new theme is posted and for 1/52 it is "Fresh".

4. The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Seeing the World With Fresh Eyes. Based on the book, the concept is best described as Zen  Photography. "The practice of contemplative photography connects us with this nonconceptual awareness and strengthens that connection through training. This project I know will take longer than a year. There are five catagories; Colour, Texture, Simplicity, Light and Space. I hope to produce at least 5 in each catagory.

I know - Big projects! In the end I am not really concerned with finishing any of them though. I already know I won't. For me it is just the journey to grow, create and enjoy.


The amazing view of the CN Tower that I never tire of, off my Mom's balcony.


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