Fall Walk in the Park

Fall colours; best photographers palette! This was my favourite shot of the day.

We belong to a few Photography Meet Up Groups. 
Last weekend 64 in our group hit the trails in search of vibrant fall leaves.

Early morning sunshine creating a little bit of heaven.

I now have an urge to decorate a room in this palette.

Someone commented this photograph looked like the water was on fire.

It's that time of year when rivers are plenty with salmon working hard to swim upstream to spawn.

Scattered along the path were milk weed pods bursting open and throwing their seeds to the wind.

As I was setting up this shot, balanced on a steep cliff's edge - who moves in front but my husband.
Makes an interesting shot. Why yes.
The thought did occur to me to push him in the creek for squeaking into my frame.

~ - ~

Unknown Mami Scenic Sunday


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