Living In An Ice Palace


Like many in Southern Ontario we have been hit with a huge ice storm. I admit I am a little in awe at the breathtaking scenery. After making a scramble to the store for Pet Safe Ice Melt we grabbed the cameras and headed out. Definitely a little tricky to maneuver across the glazed sidewalks and slick icy fields but so worth it! The amazing glistening scenery does come with a stiff price - so much damage to many trees in our neighbourhood. In our own yard, I am really worried our birch tree is going to snap right in half. The poor squirrel appears to have been literally frozen out of his home.

We are lucky though, some 350,000 in Southern Ontario (40,000 in Toronto) have been without power for 2 days. Many they are saying will not get reconnected for another 72 hrs. Tonight we are waiting to see if the anticipated wind storm will follow.

So far one local hospital had to evacuate, many area gas stations are without gas, ice melt everywhere is sold out, but hey  - Ho Ho Ho - the mall is still going strong with shoppers!

Kodee and Becky are not complaining though. Sticks big and small EVERYWHERE.

Enjoy the medley of photos.













Above all - stay safe.
~ Merry Christmas ~


Christmas Villians


Fact 22 About Me ~ I Hate Shopping
[Part of the "30 Things About Me" Series]

What an expression - my thoughts exactly Kodee! This week I am terrorized by the thought I might have to forge my way into the mall to shop. Nothing kills my Christmas spirit faster than crowds in a store.

I woke up and saw the sun streaming in the window and instantly knew just what would redeem my Christmas spirit. I called down to my husband and said "get ready I want to take the dogs to Cobourg to walk on the beach and head up to town to see the decorations.
Tra la la la la

Have you lost your mind, he screams?! Maybe you should go stand outside and note it's -3C and that wind will be brutal at the end of the pier. OK so the first few times I asked him if he was happy he came, he snapped "I'm cold". I swear once his feet had frostbite and he couldn't feel his toes were cold, he really enjoyed watching the waves crash on the railing and then freeze into icicles.

Yes, it was an Iphone sort of day.

cobourg window_07-12-2013

cobourg snowman_07-12-2013

What are your tricks to keep your Christmas Spirit true and keep the madness to a minimum?

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