Living In An Ice Palace


Like many in Southern Ontario we have been hit with a huge ice storm. I admit I am a little in awe at the breathtaking scenery. After making a scramble to the store for Pet Safe Ice Melt we grabbed the cameras and headed out. Definitely a little tricky to maneuver across the glazed sidewalks and slick icy fields but so worth it! The amazing glistening scenery does come with a stiff price - so much damage to many trees in our neighbourhood. In our own yard, I am really worried our birch tree is going to snap right in half. The poor squirrel appears to have been literally frozen out of his home.

We are lucky though, some 350,000 in Southern Ontario (40,000 in Toronto) have been without power for 2 days. Many they are saying will not get reconnected for another 72 hrs. Tonight we are waiting to see if the anticipated wind storm will follow.

So far one local hospital had to evacuate, many area gas stations are without gas, ice melt everywhere is sold out, but hey  - Ho Ho Ho - the mall is still going strong with shoppers!

Kodee and Becky are not complaining though. Sticks big and small EVERYWHERE.

Enjoy the medley of photos.













Above all - stay safe.
~ Merry Christmas ~


Christmas Villians


Fact 22 About Me ~ I Hate Shopping
[Part of the "30 Things About Me" Series]

What an expression - my thoughts exactly Kodee! This week I am terrorized by the thought I might have to forge my way into the mall to shop. Nothing kills my Christmas spirit faster than crowds in a store.

I woke up and saw the sun streaming in the window and instantly knew just what would redeem my Christmas spirit. I called down to my husband and said "get ready I want to take the dogs to Cobourg to walk on the beach and head up to town to see the decorations.
Tra la la la la

Have you lost your mind, he screams?! Maybe you should go stand outside and note it's -3C and that wind will be brutal at the end of the pier. OK so the first few times I asked him if he was happy he came, he snapped "I'm cold". I swear once his feet had frostbite and he couldn't feel his toes were cold, he really enjoyed watching the waves crash on the railing and then freeze into icicles.

Yes, it was an Iphone sort of day.

cobourg window_07-12-2013

cobourg snowman_07-12-2013

What are your tricks to keep your Christmas Spirit true and keep the madness to a minimum?

Kim Klassen dot Com

100 Dog Strangers ~ Fall Finds!


I have now photographed 25 dogs for my series "100 Dog Strangers". I think the hardest part is I am photographing dogs on the move sometimes without their owners knowledge. Part of the fun is the fact the captures are quick so there is not much time to compose or change camera settings - it sure is challenging!

Earlier in the fall we hiked down to the lake at Darlington Park. Along the way we met a young Labrador/German Shepherd mix bouncing along the gravel trails with his owner. He had a quick step and did not make my job easy to capture his photograph.


Fact 21 About Me
[Part of the "30 Things About Me" Series]

Back in my 20's I owned a Doberman. He was not a popular addition to our family. Gucci was found at a horse show in Quebec. My sister thought is would be a great idea to take my winnings from the Hunter's Classic and buy this puppy. Problem was we were on the road for the next 3 weeks so picking up a dog along the way was not a very well thought out plan! Then there was the problem of telling our parents when we got home. Suffice to say they were not happy nor was our 13 year old Lab Cinder. The puppy was a bit too much energy for her as she was going blind. This Doberman I met along the path might have been a mix or perhaps he was just unusually tall. We found him coming out of the dog park at Greenwood Conservation in early October.


Farther down the path was Duffins Creek, and here we spotted a thirsty Bernese Mountain Dog. I think the owners were very brave or this guy was extremely well trained, because dead salmon was everywhere. I made my get away before he decided to come greet me and shake off!

I do not know anyone else doing a 100 Dog Stranger series - let me know if you are or if you know of someone else doing it. I got the idea after seeing a FlickR group for 100 Strangers - they have over 9,000 members who are braver than me doing street photography of  people they find interesting. Some silently take photos, others talk to them first to get a feel of who they are before asking to photograph them. If you are braver than me, you might want to look over the group. For now I am more comfortable with the dogs - they know what a camera is and eagerly stop and pose!
Adding to my
The Canine version of "100 Strangers".
A photographic record of all the wonderful dogs I meet in my travels.
 Began in 2012 and ending... TBD.

Participatig in: Little Things Thursday

Autumn Rain & Wet Dogs


Do you have a dog who is less than eager to go out in the rain? Yes, Becky is the stubborn dog in our house! It seems she knows all about the saying "misery loves company" because she happily trots down the street as long as I am out getting wet with her!


While Becky and I were puddle jumping I noticed the sidewalk was covered in bright coloured leaves. Ah my deary day was saved.


I scooped up a bunch of leaves to take home and photograph while I waited for the rain to pass.


Winter is dead; spring is crazy; summer is cheerful and autumn is wise!
~Mehmet Murat ildan


Thank you Kim Klassen for the soft texture "kk_anna" used on the first and third photographs. 
As well, also thank you to Brooke Shaden for her texture series "White Hill Mansion"
Head over to Nurture Photography for tips on table top photography. I find a lot of great inspiration and from them and they are all so giving in their time to help others learn the art of fine art photography.
Nurture Photography Challenge - Autumn 2013 Edition
Nov 8 Brown/Tabletop

Missed the deadline to link up for Nov 1 Purple/Spooky but you can find it at "Bark'n About". It appears the dogs had a HOWL-o-ween tail er tale of their own to tell. 

Romping in the Fall Leaves

Every year we all wait for that perfect fall day - the one where the leaves are glowing, the sun splatter the ground and the hard part - we have free time to get out there! This was the day!

20131018-013_960_btdd Meet Kosmos & Faith; two very good friends we have known a long time. I hadn't seen them in a very long time and let me tell you, I got a kick that they still remembered me. Kosmo especially was just dancing with full butt wags to greet me. It's a nice feeling.

20131018-046_960_btdd Faith just had a huge grin on her face. Could be the fresh dehydrated sweet potatoes I had stowed in my bag.
20131018-019_960_btdd I have to tell you, photographing a light coloured dog was half the challenge I am usually faced with when photographing my own dark doggies.
  20131018-031_960_btddEar envy! Look at those ears - of all the Cavaliers I know, Faith takes the prize for longest ears. Till we meet up next time guys!

Serious Business


1. Big job today - my person is sick. Hard work this Comfort Spaniel stuff.


2. What kind of Mother leaps at the opportunity to take their child's photograph while they are suffering from a migraine? Well a better one, than the one who actually posts it online I guess! Becky looked so thoughtful trying to will my daughter to feel better, I just couldn't resist grabbing my camera.

3. Time and again, dogs demonstrate their ability to empathize. They comfort family and even strangers in need of comfort never expecting much in return. Cavaliers are noted to be especially good at this task and excel as working Therapy Dogs.  


4. Cavaliers have comforted and owned a few celebrities throughout the years:

Ronald Reagan, Jennifer Love Hewitt , Liv Tyler, Diane Sawyer, Courtney Cox and Davic Arquette, Jerry O'Connell, Amanda Byrnes, Mischa Barton, Koda Kumi,  Terri Hatcher, Jon Favreaum Sylvester Stallone, Claire Danes, Jerry O'Connell, Brittany Murphy, Kirk Douglas, Michael J Fox, Emma Bunton, Seth Rogan

5. This is my first try at using a "Film Grain" overlay. Usually you see that technique on black and white photos, but I really like the mood it gives these photos.
Participating in: Random 5 Friday

Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfait


I love "finding" everything Autumn has in store for me! Rich colours, crisp mornings hazy skies, perfect golden light to capture in a photo and I can not resist what the fall harvests brings in. Those twirling winds scream it's time to "turn over a new leaf".


So in my quest to eat healthier I have been scouring through Pinterest for new fall recipes. I love Pumpkin Pie and this recipe tastes just like the filling! Big bonus here, it also is good for you. Pumpkin Ginger Parfait hosts 100% of your day's requirement for Vitamin A, has 3 grams of fiber, is loaded with potassium, and boasts a good dose of cancer fighting beta-carotene.


What your all waiting for - the recipe!
Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfait


There is one little problem though. Kodee & Becky are used to me opening a can of pure pumpkin to feed to them! So it was no surprise they where smack at my heels waiting for a taste. Who is going to resist those big, pleading eyes?  


Wordless Wednesday ~ Red Top Irish Love


Spotted lurking in a Pumpkin Patch attempting to camouflage with the fall leaves.
The Canine version of  "100 Strangers".
A photographic record of all the wonderful dogs I meet in my travels. 
Began in 2012 and ending... TBD.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Autumn 2013 Edition

Summer's Grand Finale


Just before the death of flowers, 
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season When nature is all aglow.
~ Author Unknown


Still savouring the last blooms of summer.


Early morning frosts are just around the corner.


My Gerber Daisy's stand alone - the butterflies have long left.


I guess to some it is just common grass but when I look through my lens all I see is rich autumn colours and striking texture.


Winter is an etching,
spring a watercolor,
summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all.

~ Stanley Horowitz


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