2012's Super Moon Lacked Sizzle!

Super Moon 2012
We attended our first Rally Obedience Match with Becky earlier in the day. By the time we got home we only had a few minutes to grab the camera equipment and head to the park. It was a hazy, brisk night so we had to hurry as the moon was already setting in the horizon.

Tree Silhouette 
The tree branches provided an interesting perspective - very Halloween-ish I think!

Golden Sky
I like this picture and the allure of warmth from the golden light cast from the moon onto the playground. I much preferred photographing down at the lake for 2011's Super Moon and hope next time can head back to the water. Now I am off to find those WOW Super Moon photos by the Pros!
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This post is part of the Memes "Yellow Mellow Monday" and "Sunday In My City"


Michelle said...

I think your photos are fantastic! Mine are no where near as good, perhaps by the next super moon I will have brushed up on my skills.

Cafe au lait said...

Fantastic shots.

Late visit for MYM. I played too. Mine are here and here.

Claudya Martinez said...

I love all of these pictures. Well done.

Soggibottom said...

Thanks for showing the Super Moon, too cloudy over in this part of the world in Devon to see it... we did however have a super fantastic low tide on Sunday... great for special dog paws that love the beach :-) X X X

Judy said...

Wow!! I never would have thought the moon would be bright enough to get a photo like that of the playground! And it looks spooky, not like something as benign as the playground!! I love the moon with the branches!


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