Be Still 52 - Room to Breathe

Step Back and Breathe

How does this photo make you feel? It is my favourite of my day. I really love how the bright colours instantly cheer me up but more than that, I love how it is surrounded by an airy light feeling.


My style is usually a more get in your face sort of photographer - I like to get close to my subjects.


We are talking about in my Be Still 52 class about moving back both in your photo and in your day - give yourself a little bit of space to breathe. Such a simple thing we forget to do.


Feeling a bit daring, I took another step back - brave I know! Well I'll be, I think I am starting to appreciate how this white space thing brings a bit more calm to my photos.


You know it is not just about the photos though.Get outside and BREATHE everyone!


Also participating in Today's Flowers


Julie said...

Beautiful photos. I luffs fuchsias, such delicate flowers and amazing colours.
Can't wait for Spring!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

DeniseinVA said...

Oh wow, sweet photos. I love them, the color is so rich and well, just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with Today's Flowers :)

Rambling Woods said...

It makes me yearn for spring flowers..

Judy said...

I love the irises, but my favourite image is the pansy in the tipped vase!!! Are you having as many problems with getting negative space into your images as I am? They often look forced...


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