Hello 2015


 New Year so new photography projects on board!
Do you like to participate in photography projects whether in a group or on your own? Photography is not just my hobby, it often is my therapist! When I am stressed I really enjoy just getting lost behind my lens. I see the world so different when I am composing a shot because I have to slow down and think about my frame, lighting and mood I want to create.

Here are the projects I am taking on for 2015. 

1. 12 Month For Dogs 2015: Having completed Kodee's 12 photos in 2014, this year Becky will be my super model. She will be a bit more of a challenge due to low light in the house and a black dog! I always find a dark dog harder to make the subject standout, so it will be a good learning curve for me.

2015 ~ All About Me
2. Be Still 52. I will be joining Kim Klassen's group where we will be shooting still life with the intention of also creating calming and reflective photographs. I do not do a lot - ok maybe next to no still life photography but change is good, right?! Plus Santa brought me a macro 100mm lens so be prepared to see lots of macro flowers, miniature toys and I am pretty sure no bugs this year!

3. M4H Project 52. My Four Hens Photography is running a Facebook and FlickR group with weekly themes. It is an easy going group with no expectations to post every week whether you are a hobbyist, professional or beginner you are welcome to join in.Every Sunday a new theme is posted and for 1/52 it is "Fresh".

4. The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Seeing the World With Fresh Eyes. Based on the book, the concept is best described as Zen  Photography. "The practice of contemplative photography connects us with this nonconceptual awareness and strengthens that connection through training. This project I know will take longer than a year. There are five catagories; Colour, Texture, Simplicity, Light and Space. I hope to produce at least 5 in each catagory.

I know - Big projects! In the end I am not really concerned with finishing any of them though. I already know I won't. For me it is just the journey to grow, create and enjoy.


The amazing view of the CN Tower that I never tire of, off my Mom's balcony.


Kathy said...

Oh, my! You're going to be a busy girl!

Judy said...

I have signed up for the Kim Klassen Be Still, also!!! See you there! And I wanted to stretch myself, too!

KB said...

Great challenges! They sound like good ways to push a photographer to try new things!

Ruby said...

Becky, I thinks you're just too sexy for that bow gurl!! BOL!!!
Seriously, I can't wait to see all the pics of YOU!! Nows, don't forgets...don't look at the camera without getting a treatie furst! No exceptions on this rule...☺
Oh man, that view is amazing! I don't think i would leave the balcony!
Ruby ♥

Unknown said...

Oh your Becky is darling! I think you've captured her beautifully! I so love your attitude about not worrying about finishing all your classes ... such a breath of fresh air ... enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What sweet shots of your dog.

EG CameraGirl said...

The Practice of Contemplative Photography sounds like an excellent book! I'm going to check it out.

Rambling Woods said...

adorable and expressive dog


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