A Part of Me

Calling Spring... a girl can wish.

M4H P52 Week 4 "A Part of Me" 

STORY TIME! Learning photography is all due to this girl right here. When Kodee was about a year she started to have a problem with her patella. It was a combination of reasons, but the prime problem I suspect was an early spay at 5 mths before growth plates had closed. Combine that with over zealous new puppy owners really excited to have an active dog that loved playing fetch. Then it happened she jumped up to catch a high ball and when landed screamed. 

A few more times over the next few months her patella popped out. She was low grade, young and surgery was not really being recommended at this time. So I set out to correct it with conditioning. We pulled back walking on cement to 10 min a day and did another 10 min on soft grass areas. Slowly we built this up over 2 mths to a full 1 hour walk in the neighbourhood. Then we slowly added in small hills to build rear end muscle. Finally we started to take her on hikes for 1.5 hr with some hill work. My vet was shocked how fit and muscular she was. We also started and kept her on a good joint supplement. That was 8.5 yrs ago and she has never had a problem since.

So what does this have to do with photography? I was not much of an outdoor hiking person before Kodee. My husband and I developed a passion of exploring different conservation parks and day trips to new towns. Eventually we added cameras to the mix and it just kept going from there. So I have to thank Kodee for letting me discover the joys of hiking and photography - I already knew the wonders owning a dog brings to my life, so these were extra gifts from her that will always be a part of me. {ahhhhh... }

It's the Little Things

A Girl Can Dream It's Spring If Wants To!

Still playing indoors with flowers to try and pretend spring is here! This is my first attempt reversing my 50mm 1.4 lens and free-holding. Dreamy but not so sharp. I like it anyways.

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Julie said...

This is our first Cav that really, really loves going walkies, the first could take it or leave it, the second could just leave it so we have great plans to take Leah lots of place to explore. Just like you I hope it inspires my husband to take up photography again
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely post...Michelle

EG CameraGirl said...

Sorry Kodee had to endure such pain to get you interested in photography! She has such a sweet face. ;)

Judy said...

That pansy is so beautiful!! You can hardly tell it is not quite in focus!!! I love it!!! I have been taking photos, but remiss about posting...

Gail Dixon said...

It was so nice reading how Kodee helped you to find so many other enjoyable things to do in life. With her at the center, of course! Your photos are getting better all the time. I'm so glad you were able to take a common sense approach to fix her patella without surgery.

Linda Hoye said...

Oh she is absolutely adorable! I had to smile at the comment you left on my blog about finding our photographic style. That one's a challenge for me too, I know what I like when I see it....but personal style is another thing altogether.


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