So picture a hot summer's night. The golden hour is just beginning. The dog's are up to their necks in clover so really do not want to pay attention to me. Seriously they think I plopped them in a giant salad bowl just so they can eat.


It takes a brave woman to lie on the grass [and who knows what else is there] at the park frequented by a zillion pooches.

7/12 Kodee 2014 "Getting My Greenies"

I'm on my tummy shouting "cookie, treat" anything to get their attention. Then I roll over... yup right onto a bumble bee. Man that hurt! All for the shot right?! Well worth it though to stop and take in the gorgeous golden hour casting it's glow on the clover field, capturing another fond memory of my girls being their naughty selfs - simple "finds" that make my days :)


I am no ordinary bee.
I’m royalty, a queen, you see!
I don’t just raise a family – I rule a whole society!
Each day I lay two thousand eggs.
Believe me – that’s tough on the legs!
My doting daughters feed my belly,
And I was raised on royal jelly.
My princely sons are known as drones – Not one of those boys ever phones!
When it’s too crammed, then I take wing.
With such a life – who needs a king?
Author Unknown



Ruby said...

BOL! Oh my, Ma was laughin' at the thought of your Moms rollin' in doggie doodoo to get a shot of your gorgeous faces!!! So somethin' that would happen to HER..glads it didn't, butts I'm not sure a bee is better...no, it is!!! ☺
Great photos!!! Worth the risk!
Ruby ♥

Michelle B said...

How precious! These shots were well worth the risk of rolling in... I will let you fill in the blank.:) I love your bee shot too! The color is wonderful and I love how the bee's wings glisten in the light.

Judy said...

More beautiful shots of your pups!!! My favourite is the one where she is licking her nose!!!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

What beautiful pictures of your pups. They look so happy to be in the clover. Thanks so much for sharing this great post.

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Cutest dogs ever!

Soggibottom said...

I just knew that dog dish would be clean and sparkly AND SO BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED :-) :-) XXXXXXXX

Juno said...

Beautiful pictures as always!!

Momo, Pinot & mom

Kathy said...

These are just precious! They have such wonderful personalities!


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