The Supermoon With Maleificent


The child in me had to go see the movie "Maleificent". It is to Sleeping Beauty what Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz.


When we got home and I stepped out of the car, the Supermoon was staring right at me over the tree on my front lawn.


It may have been past midnight but who is going to pass up the opportunity to capture the largest full moon of 2014. An opportunity like this will not be back till September 2015.


I must have been really wiped at this point! I swear I can see Maleificent's pet raven Diaval sitting on a tree branch!

Fact 25 About Me
[Part of the "30 Things About Me" Series]

No matter how old I get, the child in me will always prevail. I love fairy tales and children's movies! I really enjoyed Wicked and Little Red Riding Hood modern day plot twists. Maleificent takes the lead as my favourite to date.

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Unknown said...

Saw your beautiful pics earlier and wow, so good to see them in a bigger version :-) x
Luv's Cat Flap Cavalier X
Moon people here too :-) x x x

Taryn said...

How in the world did you get a picture of the moon with so much detail?! Gorgeous!

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Fantastic photos!

EG CameraGirl said...

These photos are GREAT!

Judy said...

Gorgeous series!!!

betty-NZ said...

What a great series of shots!


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