See the Light: Diffused


How brave am I? White couch - black dog! Truth is, the couch was here long before Becky and because I am such a pushover and she insists on sleeping here, I gave way to her charms. Sleeping is not the only thing she does here. My little angel also likes to use this couch to perch on the arm and let the world know this is her house and she is going to fiercely guard it from the evils that dare to pass by her window. Thankfully those moments of bravery are rare.

This photo is part of a monthly project I am doing with a few photographers called "See the Light". For the month of February we are studying diffused light - soft scattered light.

I took this photo of Becky while she was doing what she loves best, napping. To help diffuse the sunlight coming in the window, I drew the lace curtains. I have learned diffused light works better on fur and especially well on black dogs.

I hear winter is going to be around another 6 weeks - thanks Mr. Ground Hog. Although all this snow has been a spectacular show, I was wishing our winter wonderland would say it's farewell early.
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Gattina said...

She looks so cute and adorable ! She is right to squat the best place, lol !

Judy said...

Gorgeous image!!!

EG CameraGirl said...

Becky looks so comfy and happy. She has no idea she's so black on a white couch. Very sweet.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful lighting and colors. Becky looks like a real sweetie! Happy weekend!


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