A Splash'n Good Time

The Most Affectionate Creature In the World Is a Wet Dog ~ Ambrose Bierce
Long weekends and swimming go hand in hand and these pooches, do not intend to be left out!


Obsessive is not always a bad thing is it?


Fetch! More Fetch! Please?

100 Dog Strangers: 07/2013



Snap! Got it! Be right there!


How are your dog's off leash park manners? This particular park can get a little overwhelming at times. Loads of big dogs, many of which err on the side of being very driven and in some cases a bit reactive. I have seen a few scraps here.


I am personally not a fan of off leash parks and opt to leave my own dogs at home but I do love to visit this one park a few times a year to photograph the action.


Finders Keepers!




Just waiting for the right moment to make my move...
Adding to my
The Canine version of  "100 Strangers".
A photographic record of all the wonderful dogs I meet in my travels. 
Began in 2012 and ending... TBD.

Participating in; Weekly Top Shot,  Camera Critters and 100 Dog Strangers


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Wow, what great shots. They are excellent and the dogs look like htey are having the time of their life.
Love your post.

Patrice said...

These are fabulous photos - really captures the dog's personality!

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful dogs. The choc lab reminds me of my old Maui. I love the labs. Wonderful photos!

Kathy said...

The details in these photos is amazing! Good job!

Unknown said...

Awesome shots! I love the first shot. I can remember that feeling very well.

Ruby said...

Oh, those are some FABulous shots! I love the second to last one! Very funny!
Ruby ♥

Judy said...

You got some fabulous shots!!! The off leash park I used to go to was huge, so we could have our space. With the weather being what it is, I can see that the water would be THE place to be...

Anonymous said...

What beautiful dogs! They are having so much fun in the water!

EG CameraGirl said...

Love seeing these happy dogs having so much fun!

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Gorgeous as always! Please come here and shoot my dogs!!

Marjorie said...

Beautiful pics, love the one of the saucy Chocolate Lab. As for off leash parks, I take my two Cavaliers to a large off leash park with many dogs of all sizes. I'm always amazed at how well they co-exist. There can be the odd skirmish, but it's rare. Usually, it's due to poor supervision by the owners.


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