Super Moon Magic

So tonight's lesson was... if you opt to go to the lake, after dark, when the grass is wet from rain and the temperature is soaring... do be brilliant enough to pack the BUG SPRAY!

This was taken just as the sun was setting and the moon was rising out of the lake. I used my new *PINK* MeFOTO Tripod. Don't be fooled by the "Red" in the description - I assure you, it's hot pink! I love it because it also doubles up as a Monopod and is super light.

The ice cream on the way back home helped to sooth my bug bitten body. About 2 hours later, the clouds cleared so I took one more shot in the driveway. NO bugs there! This is when a hot pink tripod comes in handy - you can see it in the dark! 

Not looking too big here! Thank goodness technology has brought us the zoom lens!


Willow said...

Clapping wildy (I do that sometimes) ...this is beautiful !

Stewey said...

Very nice photos!!!

houndstooth said...

You have a PINK tripod?! Oh, the envy!

And those are some incredible shots! All we had was clouds and storms -- again!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shots - love the close-ups!

Ruby said...

Oh, those are FABulous!! Ma is sooo jealous, she slacked on this big event and didn't get ANY shots.
It's lovely seein' yours!
Ruby ♥

Charlene N. K. said...

This is a super blog with amazing photos and captions! I love the quotes about the moon.


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