Focus52: Easter Week 16

A blast to the past! These eggs were created by the girls over 15 years ago. We were instructed to not blow out the egg contents - just to allow them to dry out over time. If you gently shake them now, you can hear the hard, nugget dried out centre. I keep envisioning them breaking now and worry about the smell they might create! Needless to say I handle them with much care when they are brought out each year. Making Ukrainian Easter Eggs is so much fun - learn how at

Easter is about family; here that includes Kodee and Becky! This is a silly moment (an often occurrence in this house)  that comes after baking and decorating 36 Easter cupcakes. They told me cupcakes taste best when baked with a martini...

This holiday weekend included Earth Day on Good Friday. In celebration we hiked to the Second Wildlife Marsh. I loved this breathtaking view - it reminds me the future is open to any number of possibilities.

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Twigart said...

The eggs look beautiful and the photo is so sweet!

janjan0000 said...

Gorgeous shots! I had no idea you could just let them dry out like that. Cool! And they're totally beautiful. What a (fragile!) keepsake.

Unknown said...

I love these eggs they look amazing,I can't believe how long they have lasted!! Your last shot of those beautiful fields really does speak perfectly of possibilities. Just lovely!

Jan Mader said...

The eggs are a work of art! And I would have to agree that a martini or glass of wine always helps a project along!

Love your King Charles Spaniels too. Don't know if I'm writing from my blog for writers or my blog for animal lovers but I have 3 of them is a King Charles!


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