Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers In Her Hair

"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck."

This is how I think of Becky. If she were human (wait, isn't she?!..) there is no doubt in my mind she would be a flower child! She is a very earthy dog, simple likes, no make up, roll up your sleeves sort of girl err dog.

4/12 Becky 2015 "Full of Joy"

I so amuse myself how I have these perfect images of my dogs personalities. I am sure both Kodee and Becky are rolling their eyes and thinking "as if'".

  Edited using Kim Klassen's Breeze and Jessica Drossin's Sublime

Participating in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday


Julie said...

Oh she looks adorable!
Well they do when they're asleep, its when they're awake and up to mischief the trouble starts!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx
(who's great at the sweet innocent look!)

Marilyn said...

Great shot. You have a delightful imagination.

Kathy said...

A sleeping princess!

EarlK said...

They do have their own personalities.

EG CameraGirl said...

So adorable!


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