Taking Flight




Dispite the cold, Whitby Harbour was cheerfully bright and filled with active birds this past weekend. I loved watching this Pintail duck. They are such characters as they dive and splash about. They are fast though so a bit of a challenge to catch bottoms up!



The Trumpeter Swans although popular now at the marshes in Whitby, a few years ago they were becoming a bit rare. Through conservation efforts there numbers are back up. 




The ever popular but oh so common mallard is always lining the water edge along Lake Ontario. In the sun, the hens and drakes were quite showy with the sun spotlighting them.



Longtailed Duck.


The Golden-Eye Duck



I know - it doesn't get much more common than Canadian Geese and Seagulls, but I like their reflections in the water.

Let Your Spirit Take Flight

Participating in Wildbird Wednesday


TexWisGirl said...

awesome ducks and swans! the long-tail is especially cool!

Julie said...

Amazing duckie photos, the water looks so crystal clear and tranquil.
My favourite….no2, the duckie butt…hehehe
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous shots of the ducks! The Long-tails are one of my favorites.. Happy Weekend!

Stewart M said...

Hi there - I really like that first shot of the swans, I like the muted feel.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: if this is your first link to WBW, welcome, if not sorry to have missed the others! SM

EG CameraGirl said...

Wonderful photos. I love all the ducks that swim in Whitby Harbour this time of year. Some days the ducks swim amazingly close to the walkway so it's possible to get wonderful photos! Your photos are great!

Judy said...

I so miss having a car so I can get someplace different...
I love all the reflections of the birds in the water!! I would love to see the wild swans!!!

Judy said...

I asked you about negative space, but then I was talking to a friend, and we figured out that I don't need the cues to see the centre of interest.

When I look at a photo of a daylily with both the petals and the stamens and pistils all in focus, I see the stamens and pistils as being the most important part of the photo, and the petals are background. When she looks at the same photo, she sees the whole thing as being important, and she is overwhelmed by the clutter.

It is like the Renaissance painters inventing perspective, to give clues as to the relative importance of various parts of the scene.

So I don't need to have the centre of the photo pointed out to me, but the vast majority of people require cues to tell them, and the most important cue is the negative space. I am able to focus on the centre of interest in a photo, without needing the cue of negative space.

This is a huge advance!!!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Hi Judy - I think we learned the same thing. Negative space at first I was thinking of the many examples we see with white space. However the more I shot I realized the negative space can also be more muted colours, or a drastic drop off of depth of field etc.. In the end I think the idea is to not be overwhelmed by too much stimuli, just focusing on one thing that creates a state of calm. It is a fun course! Posting this on your page too incase you don't see it ;)


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