Embrace Your Inner Fool


Every April Fool's Day I get a big smile on my face. It is a day of cherished childhood memories. My first (of many well loved) Labrador celebrated her birthday on April 1st. Cinder arrived to live with us when I was 7. From her first birthday (till her last) I made her a liverwurst cake, topped with hot dogs and candles. I also forced my family to sing her Happy Birthday. See my obsessive love of all things dog started very young. So in honour of Cinder may you enjoy an assortment of my latest Cavs Speak foolish thoughts.
[Actually this was really just a good excuse for a dog photo dump.]






Until you're ready
to look
 ** FOOLISH **
you'll never have the
possibility of being
~ Cher


houndstooth said...

Those are all so cute, I can't even pick a favorite! I love those!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Love the pictures and sayings - they are great! Thanks for sharing.

Soggibottom said...

AS ALWAYS BRILLIANT :-) Wish we could send some Spring over to you NOW.....
Daffodils are starting to fade making way for cowslips along hedgerows, flowering cherry tree's, flowering plum tree in the garden. It's a wonder you know who hasn't started to count the plums yet.
No account for taste in what is planted :-) even on the beach :-) Take care guys and bet Cinder was dearly loved... just like our Lucky and Grace.. MORE PICS PLEASE :-) xxxxxxxxx

M. K. Clinton said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Juno said...

Lovely post! I enjoy each photo and saying very much. Yes, spring should be here shortly!

Your memories about Cindy's birthday make me smile. :)

Momo & Pinot's mom

Juno said...

Finally summer is here! Did you visit Woofstock this year? We met many Cavaliers at the festival yesterday. They reminded us of the Cavalier Playdate in 2009.

Momo, Pinot & mom


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