Four Seasons One Location ~ Winter


The Visual Toolbox ~ Metering

This year I joined forces with a few photographers from Click In Moms to form a study group for the ebook "The Visual Toolbox - 50 Lessons For Stronger Photographs" by fellow Canadian, David DuChemin. Each week we read a new chapter, discuss our findings, ask questions, and inspire each other by sharing our progress in our photography. I'm finding the support and inspiration derived from our discussions is the real force behind the success I feel I have already gained.

Week 2 Assignment: Metering To the Right (ETTR). I learned this week I am a chronic underexposurer. So I practiced pushing my histogram to the right and studying the results. It was a real eye-opener to see how much detail you can retain and how noise is not increased in post processing. These photos are not the best examples but my indoor shots were oh so boring! I was able to bring back detail in the sky and snow nicely.


Four Seasons One Location ~ Winter



We are still braving a fierce winter here -  lots of ice, snow and high winds. Really the coldest winter in a long time. With grey skies I am not feeling too inspired to get out there and photograph. We were driving back from a hike at the conservation park and suddenly saw the sun setting over the snow covered field. These photos also mark the start of my series "Four Seasons ~ One Location". Come back to see what this view looks like in spring.

Participating in: Nature Notes,  Sunlit Sunday


Rambling Woods said...

What a wonderful idea. I really should learn more as I can't do any decent processing and you have beautiful results.... Stay warm..... Michelle

eileeninmd said...

Great tips and great idea for the four seasons. Your sunset shots are absolutely beautiful! Well done! Have a happy day!

Carole M. said...

these are very special photographs; I especially like the trees silhouetted. Sounds like this group is a great place to be a part of...

Karen said...

Oh wow, these look great! I may have to pick up that book!

Kathie said...

Gorgeous light! I've been experimenting with pushing my exposure up a notch or two in snow shots as well. So much to learn! But great fun practicing. Thanks for dropping by.


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