Romping in the Fall Leaves

Every year we all wait for that perfect fall day - the one where the leaves are glowing, the sun splatter the ground and the hard part - we have free time to get out there! This was the day!

20131018-013_960_btdd Meet Kosmos & Faith; two very good friends we have known a long time. I hadn't seen them in a very long time and let me tell you, I got a kick that they still remembered me. Kosmo especially was just dancing with full butt wags to greet me. It's a nice feeling.

20131018-046_960_btdd Faith just had a huge grin on her face. Could be the fresh dehydrated sweet potatoes I had stowed in my bag.
20131018-019_960_btdd I have to tell you, photographing a light coloured dog was half the challenge I am usually faced with when photographing my own dark doggies.
  20131018-031_960_btddEar envy! Look at those ears - of all the Cavaliers I know, Faith takes the prize for longest ears. Till we meet up next time guys!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

They sure looked so happy to see you.
Great pictures.
Have a great fall weekend.

~ Kirra ~ said...

You have captured Autumn beautifully. The delightful photos show the joy of being with loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Those are quite some ears! These pictures are so wonderful, thank you for sharing!

Ruby said...

OMD!! Those pups are gorgeous!!!
And, those are some FABulous shots!!
The fall leaves are just beautifuls this year!!
Ruby ♥

Soggibottom said...

I can't think I have seen such perfect scenery to look at. It's their smiles.

Big thank you and aw, just think one of your pups will have to emigrate :-) :-) to live by the sea and dig holes on the beach :-)
:-) x x x

Judy said...

They are both such gorgeous girls!!! I have to tell you, I love your new header, too!!! And I am going to send this to my bil, who no longer has cavaliers, just a soft spot for them in his heart!!


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