Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfait


I love "finding" everything Autumn has in store for me! Rich colours, crisp mornings hazy skies, perfect golden light to capture in a photo and I can not resist what the fall harvests brings in. Those twirling winds scream it's time to "turn over a new leaf".


So in my quest to eat healthier I have been scouring through Pinterest for new fall recipes. I love Pumpkin Pie and this recipe tastes just like the filling! Big bonus here, it also is good for you. Pumpkin Ginger Parfait hosts 100% of your day's requirement for Vitamin A, has 3 grams of fiber, is loaded with potassium, and boasts a good dose of cancer fighting beta-carotene.


What your all waiting for - the recipe!
Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfait


There is one little problem though. Kodee & Becky are used to me opening a can of pure pumpkin to feed to them! So it was no surprise they where smack at my heels waiting for a taste. Who is going to resist those big, pleading eyes?  



Anonymous said...

I love the pumpkin season - so many tasty treats! I've never made anything pumpkin that is dog friendly before, but I might give it a go this season, seems they really like it!

Viv@Thoughts from the Desktop said...

That recipe looks so yummy I wish we could get pumpkin puree here in the UK. Beautiful images .

Lisa said...

That parait looks absolutely luscious! And adorable doesn't even begin to describe how cute your little pupper is against the Autumn color!

Visiting from Friday Finds.

Ruby said...

Ooooooh, that does look DELISH!!! And, I don't even really likes the pumpkin! (Ma od me on pumpkin when I was a pup, cause I had colitis, so it's really not my favorite...)
Butts, really, NOBODY could resist those big saucers of puppy cuteness!
Ruby ♥

Anonymous said...

LOL.. we feed our Chloe pumpkin too, so she is exactly the same as your two. Visiting from Friday Finds... I'll be back for sure.

satakieli said...

I adore the beautiful rich colours in this post! And that recipe looks delicious, I'm going to have to try it out.

I work as a dog walker and one of the dogs I walk loves pumpkin puree too :) I had him at my home while his owner was out of town and happened to be making something with pumpkin, I got those same pleading eyes!

Thanks so much for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge :)

Unknown said...

I'm skeptical. Is it really that good, or is it just your photography that makes it look that good?


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