What's Cook'n Miss Kodee?

Kodee Roasts Becky OH MY!

Halloween is a family favourite - so much so, my 20 something girls are still busy each year sewing costumes. As children they told me if they could pick just one holiday, Halloween would win hands down.

I can't say this is my favourite photograph of the month but it is the one I enjoyed most; planning the scene, hunting down the props and finding the perfect $5 baby costumes which fit the dogs perfectly.

Becky for some reason loves this tub and once put in it, will never get out. Kodee on the other hand is like a child wound up on too much candy moving all over the place. The scene goes like this "sit, NO, stay, WAIT... arghhhh" for quite some time! But once I see my edited photo a big ol' smile comes across my face so it's all worth it! 

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I used to sew all my girls all their Halloween costumes. I've long since stowed away my sewing machine and must say I do not miss the costume making days! However, not wanting to disappoint the neighbourhood children I source out ready made props and gear now for the dogs. I can't resist their squeals in delight when the dogs trample down the hallway to greet them
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houndstooth said...

I absolutely adore that shot! It's so perfectly planned and orange lights are now on my list for next year's Halloween props! I love this!

Judy said...

That does bring a smile to my face!!

Karen said...

Sooooooo cute!

Unknown said...

So Cute! I love how both dogs have the same expressions! I love your set up! The only thing I would change is just like the dogs heads, the picture seems to lean to the right just a little bit. So I would straighten it up a little! Way cute though! My dog wouldn't have let me dress her up!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

@Sara You are so right! I noticed that on FB this morning - that is what I get for editing past midnight!

Wyatt said...

Very Cute! Love it!


Kathy said...

Someday they're going to get back at you for this! Too cute though!

EG CameraGirl said...

So cute!


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