Ah the Connection Between Men & Wine

Men are like fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them in the dark until they mature into something you'd like to have dinner with. ~ Kathleen Mifsud

[Photo A Day June Prompt For "30 Things About Me" Series]

The hardest part of taking this shot, was the two drooling dogs standing over me as I laid on the floor clicking away. I am lucky to have a large living room window plus a nice deep golden room paint that gives off a warm glow. Rather than photograph someone else's "Art" I decided to try my hand at creating my own.

Fact 13 About Me
I tend to be a little forgetful! Today was no exception. No matter how many times I tell myself to check my camera settings before I begin to shoot, I always seem to forget. Today's flub was, the ISO was set to 800. Trash the photos and start again. In the end since I decided to add a texture layer, I suppose the additional noise wouldn't have mattered that much.

[Thank you to Shadow House Creations for the textured background]



Gayle Labuz said...

Lovely shot. Moody - in a good way. It looks like it could have been taken in a European villa. Now I'd like to go eat some grapes.... in a European villa!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking up! Awesome shot! If I had a nickel for every time I leave my ISO high I'd be rich but I think this shot is spectacular and you would never know!


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