There is something about this photograph I really love. I was photographing a friends two dogs who were sitting on my white couch - I know, generous of me! The mid-day sun was beating down on the left side of Kosmo's face. For some reason the over exposed original appealed to me, so I cropped out the other dog, removed a small bit of background and tweaked the colour just a little. 

 It reminds me of those paintings where a faded figure or ghost is seen. Mixed reviews at our house; members love it or hate it.  I admit it's an odd photograph and a bit eerie but I like it!

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Camera Critters

Rise & Shine It's 6 A.M.

Reminder To Self: Go to bed prior to 2:30 a.m. when I plan to rise at 5:30 a.m.

61 photography crazed persons joined me in the wee hours to catch the sunrise.

Coffee (great amounts of coffee) helped me steady the tripod and focus on the horizon.

What do you think? A Jonathan Livingston Seagull wanna be?

Pure magic! This is what made my 6 a.m. start worthy.

When I was low to the sand taking the "Viewpoint" photograph, someone tripped and
landed in the water, smack in my frame. Lucky me, fun capture!

Conclusion: Get up at least once a year to absorb the wonders of the sun rising!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Focus52  November 6-12 "Remember This!"
As if I could forget that sunrise.


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