What's That? OH SPRING!!

Focus52: Week 10, March 13-19 Prompt "Green"
March marks the start of spring. No better way to welcome it than a visit to Toronto's largest Garden Show. Just a peek at what we saw! More photos and a tell all of our visit to Canada Blooms later this week.


Jan said...

Oooh! You went?
Lucky woman!!! I haven't been in a few years. It's a great way to kick start Spring Fever :)

Kathy said...

I normally reserve my comments to the Miss Kodee and Becky pictures but these are just downright superior! All rules are made to be broken!

Dagmar said...

Beautiful! I take great pleasure being a Cnandian who loves to garden and to explain to our US friends..we are not all about SNOW!
I imagine it was just what you needed to get in a spring like spirit.
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about the cacti..it is amazing how they can bloom in this dry landscape..Nature is so beautiful!

Martha said...

Pretty! Everyone is convinced it's spring here in Alaska...but it's not. The snow is melting and making a mess, but it's going to snow again...it always does.


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