The BEST Red Velvet Cupcakes

Heaven in a Paper Cup
Bet your watering at the mouth already seeing these cupcakes! I can not take credit for baking them, only for the photo shoot and photoshop magic.These scrumptious cupcakes are the creation of my daughter. WARNING!! This recipe is not for the faint of heart! Be prepared to spend a good portion of your day preparing, decorating and cleaning! But so worth it! You can get the recipe and more photographs at "Kait Blogs"

Just as I was getting ready to post this photo, a Toronto Star article caught my eye. "Next Baked Thing. Cupcake Days Numbered?" Oh please!! Slow news day? What a silly thought! One only has to google cupcake specialty stores in the Toronto area alone. Then pop over to Etsy and search cupcake accessory stores. While there, check out my own personal favourite  "The Bakers Confection". If that is not enough stroll the cooking aisle at your local bookstore. My dears, cupcakes are going NO WHERE. Thank goodness!

I even managed to find a recipe for "Red Velvet Pupcakes" for the pooch in your life! There I go again, working the dogs into the conversation. ;)

Visit the community meme, "Mosaic Monday" for more photographs!


Kelly L said...

I remember the first time I had ever heard of red velvet cake was in the movie Steal Magnolias... I was always curious what it was... Now almost 20 years later - red velvet is everywhere.. and I am a fan...

Love to you
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Prettypics123 said...

I love the china cup shot! Clever.


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