Red Carpet

redpeony, macro

I sometimes wonder if two thirds of the globe is covered in red carpet.
~ Prince Charles

Location: Oshawa Botanical Gardens From the Canadian Peony Society
W. T. Macoun
Photograph taken by Alexis Landon in 1999 in the garden of Dr. Jim Cruise. Introduced by Miss Mary E. Blacklock in 1938, the specimen shown here was acquired by Dr. Cruise from Bob Landon who had obtained this cultivar from Blacklock in 1938 as part of a plant order intended for landscaping his newly built home. Miss Blacklock was part of a "botanizing" group that often met in Simcoe and included Monroe Landon, Dr. Douglas Storms (Dundas), Prof. J. W. Crow, and W. E. Saunders among others less notable.

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